Green Gold Gourmet is a rapidly developing homegrown food processing family business based in Iligan City. It is the maker of several innovative, unique and highly regarded food products foremost of which is Suka Pinakurat, a spicy vinegar made from pure fermented coconut nectar and spices germane to the farmlands of Iligan.

Concept formalization and business operations started in October of 2000 when its inventor, Rene Jose B. Stuart del Rosario labored in developing products previously inexistent in the market. Backed by years of experience in the restaurant and food manufacturing industry, and a natural gift of creativity, Rene was able to create unique products one after the other.

Resourcefulness and resiliency were vital to the business. With a capitalization of no more than P28,000 and a few old but serviceable equipments that were unsold from previous endeavors, Green Gold Gourmet started out its manufacture from the family’s humble kitchen.

Sales and distribution was being handled by Rene’s wife, Donna. Introducing new and unique products, she initially experienced stiff resistance in having these displayed and sold in retail establishments in the locality. The quality of the products however could not be denied. Satisfied customers simply spread the word and the products itself to friends, family and associates.

After nearly four years the quality and product acceptability was able to define itself. Currently the products are now available predominantly in key cities of Davao, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, and other areas of Mindanao and Visayas. Key accounts in Metro Manila and in a few areas of interest in Luzon have been established.

Influence has not been limited to the Philippines though as our products have penetrated the market for Filipinos with relatives outside the country. Recently, export consolidators have shown interest in our products, and our products are now being made available in a few stores in the United States Canada and Australia.

With product appreciation widespread across the country and cutting across all economic sectors of Philippine society, Green Gold Gourmet seeks to soar on the crest of its name, and translate product acceptability into more sales. Due to its rising popularity and demand, product manufacturing capability has been increased by the expansion of existing work areas and the creation of new and dedicated product lines.

These however have been outgrown and a formal processing 1,184 sqm facility is being constructed on a 4,292 sqm lot in Puga-an, Iligan City to address present and future demand. The facility should be compliant with local and international food regulatory agencies. The business would thus raise the bar by establishing itself as a new medium sized entity.

Our greatest asset is our name, and the people behind it. Our products are nearly 100% fruits of labor with the employment of 37 full-time highly motivated workers who take pride in crafting innovative, unique and highly regarded food products that we are now known for. As such all our products have been patented and registered through the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) since January of 2005.